End of Tenancy Cleaning London

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Are you a landlord that rents houses to people but in the end when the tenants leave, you are simply annoyed by the fact that the condition of the room is entirely messed up? Are you fed up of cleaning up the rented room when tenants leave ever so frequently? Or are you a tenant who is having trouble getting back your deposit in full amount? Are you a tenant who is fed up of arguing with different landlords for getting your deposit back?

Most of you, if not all, may be in very similar situations and want to find a way around it. This is getting very common these days that a tenant moves to a new house but leaves his/her previous abode completely messed up. Landlords face various difficulties in cleaning up the room and find it very tedious. However, the main problem arises when a landlord cannot find a good tenant to rent the room or house in time. This is because most of the potential tenants might just go away by looking at the untidy room. Even if it is clean, there might be something that just makes the tenant leave. What to do in such difficult times?

Well, it is these types of situations that Shiny House Cleaning Ltd is skilled at handling. We understand all the predicaments that landlords go through and hence our professional and highly trained team is here to help. We make sure that the room is spotless and cleaned from every corner along with your upholstery, curtains, carpets etc. We are dedicated to providing you high quality service that you will not regret. We offer our services at very affordable prices so you do not have to worry about the costs.

On the other hand, for tenants who have been experiencing a hard time getting back their full deposits from tenants need not worry no more. Shiny House Cleaning Ltd is all the more aware of your situation as well. We believe that we can help you with that by giving the room a sparkling clean up that your landlord is sure to love. We know what kinds of trouble you can run into with landlords and hence our staff makes sure that the room is spotless and the landlord happy enough to give you your deposit in full.

We use standardized methods in our cleaning process and stick to the highest standards so that you are satisfied with our services. We clean your doors, flooring, windows, radiators, skirting, light fittings, switches and anything that will ensure a good standing whether you are a landlord looking for tenants or a tenant wanting your full deposit back.

So if you are looking for such a clean-up you can call us at 020 8530 2711 or 077 2763 7456. Also, do not hesitate to email us at info@shinyhousecleaning.co.uk. You can fill our contact form on our website to get a free quote as well.