Here are some slick tips for keeping your carpeting looking good and prolonging it’s life:

  • The kindest thing you can do for all your floors is to install large mats at all your entryways. This will dramatically reduce the amount of dirt that enters your house each day and save you countless hours of vacuuming and mopping!
  • Spray traffic areas of all your carpets with Scotchgard to help retard soil buildup.
  • For fresh spots on your carpeting, pour clean water on the spot and immediately blot with a clean towel. Repeat until the spot is gone. If the carpet is wool, you need to be very careful not to put too much water on at one time.
  • Occasionally there are spots that mysteriously reappear after shampooing. The usual cause is improper rinsing in the previous cleanings. If this is the case, try the above procedure.
  • Sometimes the spot is coming up from the padding. You can try cutting out and replacing that patch of pad, but don’t be the rent that it will work.
  • To neutralize pet odors, try white vinegar or a commercial product such atOut! Pet Odor Eliminator. If the odor persists, the problem is in the pad. Cut and patch as above.
  • For a carpet brightener and deodorizer, sprinkle the area with baking soda (about one cup for a 9×12 rug). Leave it on for about an hour and then vacuum thoroughly. (This will also deodorize your vacuum bag.)
  • Has heavy furniture put dents in your carpet? Often they can be brought up with a fork plastic hair pick. For stubborn areas hold a steam iron a few inches above the carpet, gently lifting as you steam.
  • Vacuum your carpets thoroghly once a week so dirt is not ground in. (Carpet manufacturers recommend you go back and forth in the same path 5 times, but I won’t tell if you aren’t quite so conscientous)! A quick vacuuming of the traffic areas should suffice in between times.

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