It looks like the freezing temperatures have come to stay for some time. And with cold weather comes one of the major problems we experienced in our homes during winter: window condensation. Let’s be honest, it is a problem that we will not be able to get rid of, but we can always put some ideas in practice to try and prevent it as much as possible.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

Ventilation. We need to ventilate our homes at least once a day as well as open windows after having a shower/bath or while cooking, as bathroom and kitchen are the “moisture winners” of all the rooms in the house.

Laundry. Try to hang your clothes to dry outside; if this is not possible then open a window while the clothes are drying.

Extractor fan. You can put a fan in the kitchen and bathroom to create more ventilation.

Dehumidifier. This will take excessive moisture from the air (though some people consider it to be quite noisy).

Heating. Put the heating on on this winter season. The hotter the air inside the house, the more moisture it can absorb and the less condensation you will have on your windows.

Do you have any other tip to prevent condensation? Let us know!