Did you know you can breathe cleaner air inside your house by choosing the right houseplants? Not only do they reduce pollutants, but they also add needed humidity to guard against respiratory and allergic conditions.

Researchers have found that the right houseplants protect us from the negative effects of many common toxins found in our modern homes.  The leaves are able to absorb pollutants and send them to the roots, where they become food for microbes. Wow! Who knew?

The top ten best houseplants to clean the air and help your family to breathe are:

  1. Areca palm
  2. Reed palm
  3. Dwarf date palm
  4. Boston fern
  5. Pothos
  6. English ivy
  7. Australian sword fern
  8. Peace lily
  9. Rubber plant
  10. Weeping fig

To get the most out of your plants use two or three per room and be sure there is plenty of space around each one for good air circulation. Keep the air moist by misting your plants. Avoid locations where there are drafts or sudden temperature changes. Since pollutants are absorbed through the leaves, keep the leaves dust free by gently wiping them with a damp cloth.

Breathe freely!