Baring in mind that an average person in the UK gets through about 83 pounds of newspapers per year, I wonder how many of those people are actually recycling their papers.

I found a great article about the re-uses of your old newspapers that could make you click with your more natural self.

Here are some of the best tips:

1- Newspaper is great to clean windows and glass around the house as it helps leave the surfaces without smears (just remember to get those really old-yellowy newspapers as the new ones will leave ink marks all over).

2- Newspaper is a good deodoriser; if you put a a sheet of crumbled newspaper inside wardrobes or suitcases they will absorb any bad odours.

3- Damp a sheet of newspaper to clean up broken glass; you will easily take those small particles of glass that usually gets shuttered all over the floor.

4. Gently wrap hard avocados or under-ripe tomatoes to speed up their maturation. It’s a simple trick but it works like a charm.

Do you have any other ideas ? Let us know!