Most people have a computer at home. Whether is a desktop or laptop they will need a regular clean up to avoid any “brain damage”. Build up of dust and grime can make your computer heat up, which slows the system and can generate computer failure.

So to avoid your computer heating up, here is a step by step recipe on how to clean it!

The ingredients. You will need:

– A can of compressed air

– Cotton swabs

– Soft cloth/e-cloth

– Rubbing alcohol

– Screwdriver

– Water

“Important: Turn your computer off before starting the cleaning!”

  1. Start with the case (you may need the screwdriver). Open it and with a cotton swab remove any debris or build up of dust. Use the can of compressed air to clean any excess dust, but be careful with it, do not blow it too strongly. Wipe the inside of the cover with a soft cloth and close the case again. Don’t forget to wipe the outside of the case with a soft damp cloth.
  2. The keyboard: turn it upside down and shake it to get rid of most of the debris and dust. Use the can of compressed air in between the keys and finish with a cotton swab dip in rubbing alcohol, cleaning the sides and top of the keys one by one.
  3. Clean the mouse with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol
  4. Clean your LCD monitor with an e-cloth (do not use kitchen towels as this can damage the surface). If you have a glass CRT monitor, you can use a glass cleaner (not alcohol as this can damage the surface).

This cleaning routine can be done every 6 months (or 3 months if you smoke or have pets at home).