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    LIKE us on Facebook and win £150* of carpet or upholstery cleaning!

LIKE us on Facebook and win £150* of carpet or upholstery cleaning!

We’re looking for new LIKES on our Facebook page. To be in with a chance of winning your carpet or upholstery cleaned to the value of £150*, all you have to do is LIKE us on Facebook. It couldn’t be simpler. A winner will be drawn at random from all new LIKES from 27/01/14 […]

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How do I find Shiny House Cleaning on Facebook?

If you’re already […]

Why Lemons Are A Great Natural Cleaning Product

If you’re habitually germ-conscious, always striving to keep your surroundings sanitary, then picking out the best cleaning products for the job can seem like a bit of an all-out nightmare. Do you get a general cleaner for surfaces? Do you get specific kitchen and bathroom cleaners? Do you get the one that kills 99% […]

Do you love house cleaning?

One in three women secretly love cleaning their house.

According to a research conducted by Zoflora disinfectant, 1/3 of women describe their “cleaning relationship” as relaxing and even therapeutic.

But far from telling the world, 50% of them would never dream of telling others about their love affair with house cleaning.

The survey, carried out among 2000 women, found that […]

The use of antibacterial cleaning products

We recently read some news about the possible dangers of using antibacterial soaps. Some recent studies suggest that the overuse of antibacterial soaps may help create drug-resistant germs.

Antibacterial products have been used on the health sector for decades. It has only been recently that antibacterial cleaning products have become “a norm” for private households […]

The Cost of Litter to You and Britain in a Picture

I came up on this wonderful infographic and I couldn’t hold myself not sharing it with you. The infographic is provided by Clean Up Britain, and  combines statistics, words and graphics to paint a shocking picture of the sheer waste that is litter.

The provided statistics is a little bit outdated, from 2010, but I don’t believe the […]

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